Monday, January 28, 2008

Thing #7

While checking out the cool Google tools, I came across Google Notebook. It allows you to store clippings, text, images and links in a Google Notebook. The advantage is that you can create notebooks, organize your notes and even publish your notebook online for others to view. It is also accessable anywhere with your Google Accounts login. Therefore I would not have carry my notebook with me. You can get access from any computer, you can even get access from your phone. This is a tool that would enable me to grab precious minutes and put them to good use while waiting on appointments. I can definitely see me using this to organize my research during grad school.

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LKP said...

I really love Google notebook too! I think it would be especially useful if you are going to school, whether it under grad, grad school or even high school. What a paper saver!!!

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