Sunday, March 30, 2008

Controversy and Lone Star Books

Recently in a circle of teachers we were discussing the Lone Star Award nominees. Some had heard concerns over several of the selections being of a mature nature. It got me to thinking of one of my favorite books as a teen which at the time was considered very controversial. Are you there God it's me Margaret? by Judy Blume was a book my cousin and I bought and read in one day. We both loved it and have never forgotten the book.

Teens today deal with more mature issues than many of us even want to recognize so it is only natural that the books they are reading also are of a more mature nature. In an ideal world our teens would not have to think about these mature issues but of course no one lives in an ideal world these days! Literature helps us to open our minds and think about issues, it can be healing and helpful. Yes, it might not be the right book for all teens but for many it may be the perfect book that helps them through a difficult period in their life.

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