Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thing #23

Wow! Is it really Thing #23! This list seemed so unsurmountable back at the beginning but now I have learned so many things and realize I have only just started down the 2.0 pathway! Many more exciting adventures lie ahead. This summer when I have more time I hope to continue and explore some of the 43 things on the other lists out there...I also want to go back to the web2.0 awards and visit some of the other sites on that list.

My favorite "things" were learning about nings, podcasts, RSS feeds and wikis. I think those will be extremely useful to me as I start my library. Blogging has been fun too. It has helped me make some new friends in the library world. It is also fun to share our learning experiences with others exploring 2.0 and read each others feedback. Sometimes it is a cheer, a suggestion, an opinion or an idea!


futurelibrarian2 said...

Congrats - You did it!!!

VWB said...

Don't need to encourage you to keep your blog up and going...can see already that you have many things to "say"...hope all your new knowledge assists you in many ways

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