Monday, March 17, 2008

Thing #17

Playing in the sandbox was fun. Reading all the things that others had contributed was inspiring to create my own wiki and learn to be more comfortable with this form of communication/collaboration. I hope to create a wiki to use with my students in the future. I am exploring topics and ideas right now and deciding what pages to include.

Below is my post to the sandbox...
Library 2.0 has been a dip in the deep end of the technology pool for many of us. It has stretched our minds and our technology skills to new frontiers. But once stretched it will be hard hopefully to return to the old ways of doing things. Hopefully our enthusiasm will spread throughout our campuses and grow a new urgency amongst our colleagues to swim in the deep end. To make their lessons more exciting, to try new and innovative ways to do things, to collaborate more and not only enhance the learning of their students but also their communities (teachers & parents). I think Wiki's are exciting from the standpoint they are the future a 24/7 collaborative tool to use both in and out of the classroom. For students, teachers, librarians, staff and parents to even collaborate and share knowledge. My goal now is to create a wiki and learn to feel more comfortable with this new method of collaborative learning.

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