Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wedding Weekend in Crawford

The little town of Crawford, Texas this weekend will host a very special wedding. Jenna Bush will marry at the family ranch. What I love most is that a family who could have held the wedding anywhere- chose to marry at home in Texas. What a wonderful lesson to many brides out there. Family and friends are what makes your wedding special not the amount you spend or how far your travel. Yes, I am sure they will have some wonderful flowers, food etc. But the most important part is that for years to come they will have the memory of a very special weekend spent with loved ones at the ranch! The rehearsal dinner was held in Salado according to one article which is another equally special small town in Texas. I am so happy for Jenna and her family that they are able to have a special weekend to celebrate privately. Her wedding is exactly what a wedding should be a special time for friends and family to wish the couple well as they start a new chapter in their life. Best Wishes Jenna & Henry for a long and happy marriage!

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