Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ten things I learned this summer taking INST 6031!

1. Online classes are demanding, especially tech ones in a five week session
2. Read the text, flag and highlight it before you take the online timed test! Answer questions you know first skip others and then return to them. Get an answer on everyone and then recheck those still uncertain about.
3. Be organized and you can achieve anything. This class had 17 assignments, 12 tests, 3 major projects in five weeks. Sounded impossible but I took it one step at a time and made it!
4. Take breaks to keep your sanity!
5. Don't sweat a point here and there if you still end up with a good grade.
6. Nothing worth learning is easy.
7. There is always something new to learn technology wise even in programs you already think you know. Thought I knew word, powerpoint, excel and access pretty well. Learned so many things this summer.
8. Some things that sound the hardest like making cam studio videos, converting text files to pdf and zipping files are actually easy.
9. You can do anything for five weeks... I lived under extreme stress with the demands of this class but persevered and made an A!!!!
10. Nothing is sweeter than finishing something difficult and succeeding!

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VWB said...

Congratulations on your class completion. I really admire all of you who take courses online...I just am not sure I would be successful going that route.

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