Monday, August 18, 2008

Twenty Years!

Twenty years ago I graduated from A & M and started teaching. Where has time gone? Now some of those students are starting their own teaching careers. The best advice I have gleaned through the years is...Don't try to do everything at once, add one thing at a time. Don't stay at the school past 5 you will just waste time and end up very tired. Take care of yourself, if you aren't feeling well you won't do your students any good. Laugh!!! Smile!!!Enjoy each day! Keep all your sweet notes from parents and students they will help to lift your spirits on the bad days. Because they will come as they do with any job. And never ever wear a smock dress! :)

Tomorrow I start my twentieth year and I still love teaching. Seeing the smile on a child's face when they finally understand multiplication or another concept is super. But seeing my students return to share their triumphs in their life is the absolute best. I am so proud of them! Each is special and unique and a part of me. We have laughed and learned together and had a lot of fun! Have a great school year!

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