Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ike Humor...Because if you can't laugh Ike wins!

Top Ike Related T-shirt Slogans

Ike Rocked My World
Ike 1 Houston 0
How big was your storm surge?
Got IKE?
Just Rebuild It
Ike.... Is that all you got?
No Likey Ikey
I've Been Iked
I survived Ike and all I have left is this T-shirt
I didn't vote for Ike

Top 10 Good Results of Ike
1. Low electric bill (no electricity still)
2. Low water bill
3. Low grocery bill
4. Low gas bill (don't want to use b/c of shortages)
5. Got to know neighbors and see them at our worst
6. No papers to grade ( no school for 6 days so far)
7. Not having to get up early
8. Getting time to spend with family
9. Got to visit niece and nephew in San Antonio and eat lunch at their schools
10. Got to spend time with loved ones and hubby (no power at his work all week, so off)

Top Baby Names for those Ike Babies... What else could folks do this week...
Ike (okay its an easy one)

Hubby and I wrote these. After 5 nights with my parents the house was getting really small!!!! We needed air, space, a change of scenery and channels without 24/7 IKE coverage. Our house was without electricity for 12 days. Lots of downed pine trees/power lines... Fortunately just roof damage and loss of all fridge stuff, we have great friends and family to keep us and put up with our crazy emotions. Uncertaintly is hard... Hubby has not worked all week either due to no power at his job. We both needed to get away... see traffic lights that work, no lines for gas, watch IKE free TV, relax... Pray for those that are so much worse off and lost everything. My friend's 80 yr old grandparents lost everything and will have to start over. We were very blessed it is just a minor inconvenience for us. Focusing on these humorous things helped us to laugh a bit and start to relax. Hope you find humor in them too.

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