Monday, June 15, 2009

Amazon to Ebay...Surf'in the summer waves!

This summer I decided it was time to clean up our computer room. Since I have gone back to grad school it has become the collection point for all my things from school and work. The books were starting to pile up and it was time to get organized. I started to drive to the college book store to return books and then I had an idea. What about selling them online? I had purchased all of my books online, mostly from Amazon due to their free shipping and fast response. I have sold items on Ebay and found it easy to use Amazon to sell my books. I not only have sold most of them, but now find myself listing and selling books for friends. So far I have sold about 10 books this summer. I have managed to make at least half of what I paid for them, so that is much better than what the bookstore used to give me in college!

When I haven't been selling online this summer, well of course I have been shopping. Ebay is a great place to find graduation gifts. I wanted college fleece throws for former students going out of state to school. I found them and had them shipped and in my hands within a week. I even found a cool laser monogrammed wood pen and business card holder and pen for a male graduate. So when it gets too hot to get out in Texas turn on your computer and go shopping!

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VWB said...

you sold the cataloging book and did not bronze and put it in a place of honor.....well i just don't know....

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