Sunday, June 14, 2009 out Grandpa wants to be your friend! all started out so simple. A friend had an account and suggested I try it, it's "really fun". Since I was taking web2.0 I opened an account and tried it out. I started out with a few friends and checked it every now and then. After moving five hours away, I have reconnected online with former colleagues, college friends, friends from grade school and even friends living abroad. I now have more friends online than probably in the nearby cities where I live. I must admit to find myself logging in more often and spending way too much time looking at folks photos and posts. I have managed to avoid the games, but some of the polls and quizzes reel me in. Facebook is a way for forty somethings to stay connected with old friends and family. Now not only do I find my former students, colleagues and friends their parents are joining in the fun! One of the fastest growing segments has become people in their 50's and older. So watch out next time you log on... you never know who might be requesting to be your friend!

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Dan and Merideth said...

didn't know you had a blog! Stacy needs to jump on the wagon now that you AND Richain both do.

I always get creepy people on facebook, thats why my profile is marked private... but my blog is open.

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