Sunday, June 14, 2009

Skype Me!

I am sure you have heard the word but perhaps you have not yet experienced the wonder of Skyping! I too had heard about this free internet calling system but hadn't used it. You download the program for free and with your computer you can talk to people around the world for free. I had found along lost friend from high school on facebook and she now lives in Guatemala. She was anxious to talk and see each other and urged me to try Skype. I downloaded it in less than 15 minutes and watched the short tutorial. Then later that evening we talked on Skype! Wow how amazing was it to see Ana in her living room in Guatemala in realtime and talk to her. I look forward to more Skyping in the future and trying a conference call via Skype. If you try Skype there are a few things to watch for your settings on your webcam must be clicked on, the blue button on the right of the screen and your speakers on your computer must be turned up. Other than that it is really easy and fun!

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