Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Thing #11

Exploring Library Thing was fun! I took the time to add a few of my favorite books to my blog. Since I have taught various grade levels I have favorites ranging from easy to read to teen fiction. I loved that you could check out reviews, browse collections, search, share tags etc. There are so many cool ways you could use this as a librarian. To help both teachers and students in their search for literature on various topics. I even found a link on the blog page where you could sign up to get free books to review. Maybe this summer when I have a bit more time!


Mean Old Library Teacher said...

Hm..where'd you get the survey widget? I want one!

BTW..I found you via the Library2Play discovery project.


Mrs. Frizzle said...

Go to the customize bar then choose add a page element. Click on the top right one add a poll.
It will give you lots of choices.
This is fun!

How long have you been a librarian and at what grade level?

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