Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thing #22

Ningswere new to me. I first visited Texas School Librarians Ning and found a friend of mine already on the page. She is a librarian in FBISD. I also invited a teacher friend to join and explored some of the discussions and pages. I found a neat page of a Plano librarian who creates his own videos to use in the library. I also explored the Teacher Librarian Ning it has members from all over the world and has a wider view of the library world. I created a group here for all my fellow Librarians 2.0 in class to join and share as we start our careers as librarians! Nings are a great social networking tool for librarians and others to use.

I also added badges from both pages to my blog so others can check out the nings! I think Nings could be very useful to get input, ideas, comments, feedback etc. as we work as librarians. Often librarians feel isolated but with the internet, nings, wikis and other tools we are learning we will never be alone.

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