Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy 49th Anniversary!

June 6th was my parents 49th wedding anniversary! I know 49 years is amazing in this day and age but even more amazing is that my parents married at 17 and 19! So they have virtually been married their entire lifetime as adults. They have weathered the storms of life. Ten years ago I gave them a party for their 40th wedding anniversary at the time my mom was recovering from a stoke and we really weren't sure if she would ever be herself again. Amazingly she has made a fantastic recovery and my dad has survived a pacemaker and stents. We never know whether we have been married 13 years or 49 what is ahead. Like a rollercoaster marriage has its ups and downs, hills and valleys. However, you always have someone to share in the joys, lift you up in the trials, hold you during the tragedies, and pray with you. Marriage is an amazing relationship of trust, endurance, patience and understanding. I am fortunate to have had an excellent example in my parents of what marriage is all about. So here's to you Mom and Dad! Happy 49th!

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