Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Thing #21

Making a pod cast was quite an adventure! I used Photostory3 to create my podcast. It is available free to download to your computer! Uploading my photos was very easy. Choosing music was fun and they had quite a variety you could create to go with your story. I also decided to add words to my slides. I decided to use photos of Christmas ornaments I had taken to show my class. I want to come back and experiment some more with pod casts when time permits this summer. I know they could be very helpful and exciting to use to present information to my students in the library. I also think it would be fun to have the student make their own pod casts in Science class. The title of the podcast is fine when shown in full view but did not fit on one line in the window here so I would be sure to make it a smaller font or two lines in the future. However, I don't have time to edit and redownload at this point. Like I said this is a first attempt, hopefully this summer I can work the kinks out a bit more.

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